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posted by: Michelle Hoskins on 9/17/2018

Please pray for my sister Terri. She had a mammogram & ultrasound a few weeks ago and they found a mass in her left breast. Tomorrow she will go in for a biopsy for the mass. Thank you for your prayers!
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Augustus Surgery update
posted by: Fortunetta Brack on 7/12/2018

Augustus Lee Brandenburg has been healed by our almighty great Physician. The doctors could NOT put him in SVT during the first part of his surgery this morning so everything stopped! He is In Recovery sleeping and as soon as he wakes up and is able to eat, he will be released to go home to be a normal active healthy 6yr old. No more meds, no more heart monitors, no more procedures, just a healthy little boy! It has been a difficult 5 yr journey that God continually kept HIS hand on august life and today we all experience the miracle of his healing. God has been so good to August and all our family!!!!! Thank you for sharing the journey with us in prayer and support !
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Prayer request for grandson’s heart surgery
posted by: Fortunetta Brack on 7/7/2018

My grandson Augustus Brandenburg, 5 yrs old will be undergoing heart surgery Thursday July 12th. As of today he has gone off all his heart medication in preparation for his surgery. He has SVT and will have an abalsion surgery if after the heart mapping they find he hasn’t outgrown his SVT. Please pray for him and his parents Allison and Brian as they go thru this week. Pray he has no episodes of SVT while off his medication. And please pray that the doctors find he has outgrown SVT and won’t need the abalsion surgery. But if he does, please pray the surgeon find his extra electrical systems and are able to zap them with no complication. Thank you
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praise and prayer
posted by: Michelle Hoskins on 5/3/2018

Praise - We want to thank the Lord for His protection/traveling mercies on our trip to and back from Arizona and for going before us to pave the way. We drove out for Zachs graduation and to help Zach & Sammy move back to Indiana. Prayer - Please prayer for Robs mom, Barbara Hoskins. We took her into Community Hospital over 3 weeks ago with very rapid heart rate and low blood pressure. They did many tests and found out she had a severe infection in her blood which caused her to be septic. They gave her fluids and 3 strong IV antibiotics but now her platelets (which were fine when she went in) have bottomed out & they don't understand why. Now we're waiting on results from a bone biopsy. They wanted to start her on another antibiotic w/chemo properties in it but we're hesitant because she seemed to get worse after the 3 they already gave her. Please pray that God will lead the doctors to the problem and heal her body. Also for comfort & strength for the family as well, especially Rob. Thank you ahead of time for your prayers.
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sister's surgery
posted by: Michael McHugh on 4/29/2018

Please please pray for my sister, Sharon Walsh. She is going to have open heart surgery soon which is very risky. Please pray that Edwina and I can reach her for the Lord. We love you all and thank you. Mike
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Prayer request
posted by: Fortunetta brack on 2/13/2018

Fortunetta will be having a major surgery Tuesday Morning at community hospital. Please keep her in prayer as she goes thru this surgery and has a good recovery. Thankyou
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prayer & praise
posted by: Michelle Hoskins on 1/19/2018

We just wanted to start by saying "God is good" and we've been truly blessed by the overwhelming response from people to generously donate items to help my brothers' family get back on their feet after their loss from the house fire two weeks ago. They have been so amazed at the kindness and prayers and even made the comment " Who does this"? We continually try to encourage them and point out to them, that none of this would be possible without God and the power of prayer! We are also in dire need of financial donations/help and are trying to raise at least $3500 to pay for a used engine on their car ($2500 alone), so my brother can get back and forth to work (weather permitting), 2 mattress sets, food & toiletries and any unmentioned needs. If you would like to contact me: email ~ marino13@comcast.net, cell phone ~ 219-484-8790 text or call, address ~ 625 West 50 South, Hebron, IN. 46341 or we are at church on Sunday for both services. Once again, Thank you for your prayers and the love you have shown!
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Urgent prayer request
posted by: Suzanne on 12/4/2017

I used to attend your church years ago, and I know just how strong the Faith is there and I’ve seen miracles from prayer... I have been struggling with many many things I finally thought that I turned my life around and was in a safe place and I couldn’t be further from the truth please pray for guidance wisdom patients and knowledge and a path to guide me finally in the right direction with no more pitstops
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Ashley r
posted by: Brandi Reiter on 10/17/2017

Father God the devil has had a stronghold of Ashley's thoughts and he's had it for quite some time and I ask You Lord to immediately cover Ashley in the Powerful Blood of Jesus and to completely eradicate and cut off the devil's hold of Ashley, permanently, and I ask You Jehovah Rapha to heal my daughter's mind, to heal her body too from her inner being to the tips of her fingers, toes and head, because she's exhausted from working night shift, and to heal her hormonal influctuations, Lord may You stabilize and keep her healthy and balance her hormones starting now and forever, may Ashley live a long and healthy life and be protected by You always, because You paid the price for her already, in the Glorious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I decree this prayer done and pray, Amen and Hallelujah! All by Your power not mine so that I should not boast, all to Your glory and all to Your honor, both now and forever, Hallelujah!
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Job Success
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 10/16/2017

I have two part time jobs now and I am so blessed that God gave me those two jobs and I pray so that I may do well on those jobs.
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