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Statement of Beliefs

Church of the Nazarene
  1. We believe in one God, the Creator of all things, who reveals Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God and the only Savior of the world. Salvation through Jesus Christ is the only way to be forgiven of your sins and spend eternity in heaven.
  3. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God. He is active in the world convicting people of sin, drawing people to salvation, guiding, helping, comforting, and empowering Christians.
  4. We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God. It is the ultimate source of truth, reveals to us the will of God for all areas of life and determines right and wrong.
  5. We believe that all people are born with a sinful nature that causes them to commit acts of sin. And unless they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, will be eternally punished in hell, because they are responsible for their actions/choices.
  6. We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. And that by accepting Him as Savior, people are forgiven for their sins and will escape punishment in hell.
  7. We believe that everyone is born with free will. And that it is up to them to choose whether or not they will accept Christ as their Savior and turn away from their sins.
  8. We believe that each person must repent of their sins, forsake and turn away from them, not just ask forgiveness, in order to become a Christian.
  9. We believe that everyone who accepts Christ as their Savior is pardoned of their past sins, given a new life/a fresh start, and is adopted into the family of God.
  10. We believe that after a person accepts Christ as their Savior, they need to go on and let Jesus become the lord of their lives. Put Him first in every area of life. As a result of them dying out to sin, self and our society, God cleanses their heart of sin, fills them with the Spirit, enabling them to live victoriously and serve Him effectively.
  11. We believe that the Church is the body of Christ, and should be an expression of the life and ministry of Jesus and the early Church. A local church is a body of believers, operating biblically and growing spiritually.
  12. We believe that communion is to declare the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and also a time for believers to remember the price Christ paid for their sins. It is to be taken in a spirit of thankfulness and deep appreciation for God's love.
  13. We believe in divine healing that is miraculous and immediate. We also believe that sometimes God works through doctors, procedures and medications. But ultimate healing takes place when a person goes to heaven.
  14. We believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ when "the dead in Christ will be raised" and believers on earth will be taken up with the Lord. Christ will take us out of all the troubles of this life to spend eternity with Him in heaven.
  15. We believe that after you die, you will stand before God and answer for how you lived on earth; for sin, for yourself or for Him. Then you will spend eternity either in heaven or in hell depending on who or what you lived for.