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posted by: Rob & Michelle Hoskins on 4/22/2019

After all the tests, Rob's mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to her liver, lymph nodes and attaching to her bones. The brain scan showed that it hasn't reached her brain. She will start chemo today, Monday, April 22, go every day until Thursday and then be off for 3 weeks before we start again. Your continued prayers as we go thru this journey are greatly appreciated. We know that God will carry us and give us all the strength we need. Thank you The Hoskins family
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impossibilities changed
posted by: on 4/16/2019

We are facing impossible difficulties. Pray God will help us Himself in all areas of life AND to overcome what we are facing with grace given to us, and help us to trust Jesus without fear or doubt and to bring some people into our lives who help us quickly, and for peace, health and protection
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posted by: on 4/8/2019

Please pray for Jay and Lima: (1) for Jesus to The Foundation of their lives AND their relationship with each other (2) for God to greatly increase the supernatural POWERFUL Presence AND works of the Holy Spirit in their lives and calling (3) that God will help them to overcome the great problems they are facing right now in victory with peace. Pray God will ALSO send helpers to them to help with these problems (4) for God to protect the love they have had for each other all of these decades and that God will not allow their problems, fears or other people to damage their love for each other or their peace they share with each other. (5) for help to fulfill God’s plans and calling on their lives, and that God will help them to be in agreement with the Holy Spirit and each other about what He wants them to do, peacefully, and that God will lift the pressure off of them and help Lima to stop pressuring Jay and to pray instead when she’s worried or impatient (6) for provisions, protection, safety, health for them, their kids and families (7) for God to bring miracles in many specific areas, too many to list here (8) for God to intervene in the lives of their kids and to immediately stop and deliver their kids from all drugs, alcohol, partying, unrestrained sexual activity, literal witchcraft, violence, anger, excuse-making, coldness and indifference to Jesus and to parents and all other wrongful things and their refusing to admit they are wrong or have a problem. Pray God will send the Holy Spirit to them in a real way that truly connects them to come to know Jesus in a saving way and to truly love Jesus, parents and all, and to no longer want to do what they are doing and be too proud to admit they need to change (9) that God will also bring all their older parents, siblings and families and their large extended families to truly come to know Jesus personally in a saving way and that God will protect all of these people and change their lives by a true work of the Holy Spirit in every area of their lives (10) pray God will also help me and Belo: Spiritually, to keep praying together morning and night, to keep reading the Bible together, and for help employment-wise, financially/bills, in marriage, parenting properly, lovingly, and for recognizable help and for God to bring to us HIS helpers who DO help us in all areas of life (11) pray for true, immediate and unending Holy Spirit-Awakening, Holy Spirit-Revival and true repentance/turning around, and God to put His hand on leaders and media in all of the United States of America, Argentina, Islas Malvinas, the UK, the EU, Australia and the world as quickly and as permanently as possible ++++ I’m not really an email user, I did not send a valid email address, please pray? thank yoU
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posted by: Rob & Michelle Hoskins on 4/2/2019

Please pray for Rob's moms (Barbara) and our family. We went to the ER a few days ago and they did a CT. While the scan was for something else, they found several nodules which have grown larger since last time she was in the hospital. They also see spots that have metastasized in her liver and with previous health conditions, they are concerned that it may be cancer. We go to the pulmonologist Wednesday the 3rd to see if it's even safe to do a biopsy, then to discuss seeing the oncologist. We do believe that God will see us through this but it is still very gut wrenching and nerve wracking. Thank you in advance for you prayers. Rob & Michelle
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Dog Bite
posted by: Neal Mulligan on 3/24/2019

Please pray for our daughter Kitty Redlark, She was bitten by a dog this past Thursday Went to the emergency today, they admitted her for observation . Thank you Prayer Warriors.
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Michelle Ms' cancer.
posted by: Marilyn on 3/11/2019

A friend of my son Dave has asked me to place his daughter, Michelle on our prayer list. The young woman has cancer.
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Wisdom for Life
posted by: Seth on 2/17/2019

I often feel that I’m hardly making it, and I need a lot more wisdom. Please pray that God will give me wisdom for success in every area of life. Pray for the wisdom to succeed in college, in all my classes. Pray for wisdom to take care of my health. Pray for wisdom in relationships. I graduate in 2 months, so pray especially for wisdom to plan for the future. Wisdom to plan out where to live, and wisdom to apply for the right job for after I graduate. Pray for wisdom to pursue and fulfill God’s purpose and calling for my life. Pray for wisdom to live for the Lord and serve the Lord well. Pray for wisdom in every area of my life, and that God will answer this beyond anything I could imagine. Thanks.
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Finding a Home Church
posted by: Seth on 1/5/2019

I have been sensing the Lord leading me towards becoming a police officer in the city I live in, Portland. I have started the application process, and the Lord seems to be guiding. If this is truly His direction for me, I will need a strong Christian church community surrounding me. Please pray that the Lord will lead me to the right church, which feels like a home. Pray for a church that is deeply grounded in Scripture, with solid Bible studies. Pray for a church with regular, powerful, corporate prayer. A church that reaches out to the community, that is leading people to Christ, and discipling people. A church where people with serious addictions, and bad pasts have transformed lives. Where the main focus is relationship with Christ, and the transforming power of the cross, and where the mark of the community is love. A place where I will really, really grow in the Lord, grow in the Word, grow in love, godliness and service in the community. Thanks for your prayers.
I will pray 7 people are praying.
posted by: Michelle Hoskins on 9/19/2018

Just want to praise God for the good news on my sister and thank you all so much for your prayers! Her mass is benign!! Don't know anything more than that. Thank you all!!
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grandsons job
posted by: Marilyn on 9/19/2018

I asked for prayer for Bens interview. He got hired. He asked me to thank all of you for your prayers.
Amen! 8 people are praising.
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